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Veneer Skinned Finished Ends

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:30 pm
by vcwjeff
Our Face Frame Construction Method uses a 1/4" veneer ply to skin an otherwise melamine box when we need a finished end or finished bottom/top.

I've tried to use the "SF exterior laminate" spec, but it doesn't recognize a difference between a finished and unfinished end, and instead laminates all cabinet ends. It does however add more material when you set a finished end or finished top/bottom.

I've also tried to set a Custom Material just for finished ends, however, the factors are not are not related to cabinet size, just quantity of finished ends.

I need to be able to account for a skinned finished end and skinned finished bottoms when taking off face frame cabinets. Any suggestions? This has to be a fairly common way of making cabinets, I'm sure someone has had to have dealt with it.

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 5:19 pm
by John Whitling
For your application, you want to enter a finished box material in the box matl tab. for finished ends it's the 3rd entry down. Finished box materials are materials that are substituted when needed. For instance when you put a finished end on a cabinet that cabinet uses the finished end material for that end. Similar for tops, bottoms, backs, etc.

If you are staining and finishing your cabinets,the exterior finish will also be used on that finished panel. If a panel has to be two sided, such as an open cabinet with a finished interior and a finished end, double finished board is used, which is the last entry in the box matl tab.

Does that help?

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:12 pm
by vcwjeff
What I've worked out so far is to setup and use a material that I'm calling (desc: 1/4" Alder Veneer Skin over 1/2" melamine). This allows me to track the 2 materials at once, in a work-around sort of way.

Also, on a related note: I think I've found a program issue.
Under Box Matl>finished materials, if you set a material in both "SF fin base tops/bottoms" and "SF fin wall tops/bottoms", the quantity of finished tops and bottoms for wall cabinets will be double what is expected. The 'fin top/bottom' quantity for wall cabinets seems to be calculating off of both values.

Can you reproduce this?
Gen 2 Version: 2.018.018