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cabinet buy out drawers vs shop built drawers

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:27 am
by John Whitling
As you go thru the labor factors for cabinets you will see a variety of entries for drawers (columns AO thru BE).

How does the system differentiate between a buyout drawer or a shop built drawer? This is determined by the part number entered in the drawer material entries of a cabinet specification. There's an entry for regular drawers and one for large drawers.

A part number with an "Each" unit of measure is treated as a buyout drawer and when the system sees that it changes it's labor calculations to buy out drawers instead of shop built drawers.

The other drawer labor settings in cols AO, AP, and AQ are still figured. They are used typically for drawer front fabrication, attachment, and usually hanging labor. Some companies elect to put hanging labor in the drawer glides columns (AW and AX).