What our customers say

I have wanted to sit down and write this letter for some time now but as you know this business does
not always allow time for these things. However, this needs to be said.

We have been using your Assistant Estimating Software for almost 5 years now and I can say with
utmost certainty based on my 38 years of estimating experience your program is far above the competition.

The ease of use makes it simple to learn and the flexibility makes it adaptable to any scenario we encounter.
We recently made some software upgrades on the shop floor and were asked to demo estimating
software from and major CNC software company which will remain unnamed. Needless to say, their
software came up short in every detail.

In closing I would like to thank you for this product and all of the help this tool has provided us in
estimating and closing profitable millwork projects.

Joseph DeLuna

Pro Spec Interiors

Our company has been using Alliance Millsoft for several years. This program has helped our company be consistent with our
bidding, save time with ordering materials, making changes, doing budget numbers for contractors, just to name a few.
Setting up the program with John was quick and easy. We have been using the program for 100% of our estimating from day one.

Peter P. Landry, Pres

Central Maine Cabinetry & Millwork Inc


I wanted to say thank you for a very powerful program which collectively we have tailored it to our needs. It seems the more we use this program the more we learn. So we just wanted to say thank you for all your help, John.

Bill Wampach

Kunden Architectural. Inc

This is one of the most comprehensive and intuitive software for estimating cabinets we have tried or owned.

We have used many other excel spreadsheet and data based estimating software in the past, but Alliance Millsoft software allows you to bid the way you want, how you are used to bidding, in a very short time.

I particularly like how you can create and use custom pricing assemblies without any knowledge of programming or formulas, in minutes.

Support and client services are world class and top priority for John. He will help you customize the software based on your needs, to fit your company process.

We had many training sessions and a quick reaction to suggested changes from John, leading to a great final custom product we are using every day.

What a great management/productivity tool at a great price! -

Thank you
Bela Fodrovics
P 215-721-9331

Bela Fodrovics, Business Coordinator

Halkett Woodworking

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of the help and support that you have provided since we began using your software to generate our estimates. I can’t remember a single situation where you were not able to provide an answer immediately for any question that we have come up with, regardless of the complexity or lack thereof. Kudos, and keep it up. That kind of real-time, no nonsense support will always be what sets apart companies that achieve some level of success from those that spend their time only chasing success.

Regarding the software and how it has helped our organization, all I can tell you is this. I began working in my current position as an estimator/salesman for my brothers millwork sales firm after being laid off from a position as a Golf Course Superintendent. Prior to March of this year, I had no experience with any form of building or construction and had never even laid eyes on an architectural drawing or used any type of estimating software. Needless to say, I was on the wrong end of a learning curve that I would have to conquer before I would be of any value to our company. Without question, your Assistant Estimator shortened that learning curve to such an extent that within weeks I was able to take a set of plans and generate an estimate that might range from a few cabinets on a small residential renovation project to hundreds of cabinets and in a large commercial project. Taking the time to dig into your software and learn how it worked and what it could do is the number one reason why I have made so much progress. I can’t imagine that there could be a more efficient way to quote a job with so many variables.

Matt Owens

Northstate Woodcraft

In a world where jobs are shopped every day and matching someone else's low price can land you in the house of pain, Alliance Millsoft is like a safety net for estimating and selling. My customers are impressed with it too. I'm not sure I could estimate without it anymore even though I've been pricing millwork since the sixties!


Art Woodworking & Mfg

If you can find it in your budget, buy it. It's simple and straight forward. It's a tool to record an estimators thoughts as he/she goes through a project.

Jerry Lowman

Kasher Architectural Interiors

There is a learning curve but stick with it. The program definitely becomes easier to use with practice. We rely on it every day.

Hank Hotchkiss

Facility Construction

Once the setup & learning curve is over the program lets me get twice as many bids done in half the time and I know they’re accurate. We rely on it every day.

Dave Linderman

Wood Concepts

My desk was never this clean. Now I can go into any job and pull up reports for anyone in the company. They love it and it saves me a lot of work that way. It's saved us countless hours, just in material ordering alone. What I like most is that it saves us a lot of money by having the shop build items out of the same material that I figured in the estimate!

Dan Cummings

Interior Woodworking Specialists

This may not be the "end all be all" of estimating systems, but it is very close to it. And what hiccups it does have, the tech support more than makes up for it. Take a few days to get comfortable with it, spend some time analyzing your shop and construction methods, input that info into the system and you are 90% of the way there for your estimating needs. The rest you can customize on the fly as the job requires.

Randy Hancock

Stradlings Fine Cabinetry

I just wanted to drop you a note to express how pleased I am with the estimating software. It allows us to value engineer and produce accurate estimates in a fraction of the time it used to take. The tie in the Visual Mfg is a real time saver. Thanks!

Bruce Pulkkinen

Windham Millwork

The Alliance Millsoft program has drastically increased our chances of getting major projects. We sold our first million dollar project utilizing the detailed scope that alliance generates. For the better General Contractors, the detailed scope it gives them peace of mind, knowing the project was bid correctly and was not just random guesswork.

Since then we have sold many projects utilizing Alliance’s itemized scope. Upon request, we will show our preferred clients line item selling prices. This builds a lot of confidence because the customer can see the reason behind the cost.

And there are times the client will say, I didn’t want all of those items so we will negotiate what they want.

Since we purchased this software we have used it to estimate around 100 million dollars of millwork.

Noah Cohen

Cohen Architectural Millwork

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