get the most from your staff with the Alliance Millsoft millwork cabinet estimating software program

If you’re in the business of woodwork .. could be millwork, casework, or fixture work .. we believe that we have a solution to your bidding problems.

  • Need to bid more projects faster?
  • Need to have everyone working the same efficient way?
  • Need to make sure your prices are profitable?
  • Need to value engineer projects over and over again, with speed and confidence?
  • Need to use your bids to drive project management?

We have answers for all that, and more. We give you a very high level of confidence in the prices your team quotes. And we double your office’s speed while doing it because we make the right way the easy way. And if you use our plugin with Planswift Electronic Plan Reading Software, your estimating will be automated in the same way that CAD automated engineering departments over the years.

You managed to get the “last look” on a project .. should you take it? Just refer to the project summary and you’ll have a good idea. Then run some labor or material reports to dig deeper. These tools also guarantee profitability in every item and alternate you quote. Now you can have a fast, easy way to quickly and carefully analyze the project even before you place your bids.

You’ve got that job, now what? You can start managing the job right right from your estimate. Order long lead time materials, schedule labor, start planning your resource needs.

To find more check out our videos to see how it all works. Then order up your own live Internet demo session. You will know, in short order, whether we can help you in your business with the Alliance Millsoft Millwork & Cabinet Estimating software program.

PS: These are not empty promises. See what our customers say about it here.