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John Whitling, Founder of Alliance MillsoftJohn A Whitling, Founder of Alliance Millsoft LLC
John Whitling was introduced into the millwork and casework industry in 1972. He began as a cabinet apprentice, studying under the tutelage of an old world, German cabinet maker. Within a few years John was involved in engineering and eventually estimating, sales, and project management.

In the 1980’s John became a computer enthusiast and started working computers into his job tasks. In 1989 John spearheaded a conversion of the estimating department to laptops and an estimating software system based on material and labor pricing. It was quite advanced for the day, while most companies were still using calculators and pencils.

In 1994 that company was purchased by a fixture work company. John was able to keep the rights to all the software he had developed. Within a few months Alliance Millsoft was created and John was providing systems to companies in the region that had heard of the program. That was the beginning.

Computing has changed greatly since 1994 and Alliance Millsoft has kept up the pace with continual innovations. Over these many years John has consulted with all nature of companies in the millwork, cabinet, and fixture work business, learning and sharing with every contact. If you want to know the state of industry just ask John .. he has a lot of acquired knowledge and he keeps his ear to the ground.

John also maintains the woodwork business blog. To visit the blog click here.

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