Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can we get up and running?
The Alliance Millsoft Millwork & Cabinet Estimating Program is easier to implement than other programs because it is not just a database of woodwork items that you will have to edit or create, one at a time. Our system comes with a good initial setup, averaged from 4 real companies in the USA. You’ll be producing test estimates within minutes of installing the system. Within a test estimate we simply adjust labor rates and markups till you’re happy .. click a button or two, and just like that you have a great platform to start estimating with. It only takes a few minutes and we guarantee your ease of setup with unlimited live “one on one” Internet setup help during the first 30 days at no additional charge. Many of our customer references mention the speedy and easy setup.

What would you say is the most unique thing about the Alliance system?
That would have to be how our system dynamically prices items with a very wide selection of variables that accurately control materials and labor. It’s unique amongst millwork and cabinet estimating systems. Most estimating systems are collections of specific amounts of materials and labor for every catalog item. In those systems changing even simple things like materials or finishes or labor requires lots of editing. Our system has all types of variables hard coded into the system for you. You never have to write code or functions to use the Alliance Millsoft Estimating System. This is also why it’s so easy for you to set the system up and get going with it.

The result is a program with unmatched flexibility. In our system you can finish a cabinet interior or switch to water resistant counter tops with just a check box, or add dividers or roll outs, or changing clear finishes to stains to glazes, etc. You do not have to build or edit catalog items to get your takeoff right. You can see this very clearly in a live demo session which you can request at the bottom of this page.

And one more big advantage with this concept is that every estimate can be fine tuned for it’s own particular needs without changing other other estimates in the system. labor rates, markups, overheads, material costs .. it’s all easily changeable for each estimate!

What kind of support is included?
The system also comes with a full year of unlimited telephone and Internet support, including e-mail and our Internet support forum. Also as noted above, we include unlimited “one on one” Internet setup assistance for the first 30 days at no additional cost. In most cases the training will have you producing real estimates in only a few, hour long sessions.

Extra cost support
If you feel the need for something more, you should consider adding more live Internet sessions or an “on site” training visit. Sometimes an additional hour or two of Live Internet training is very effective way to supplement the included amount of training, and it’s reasonably priced too. “On site” training is great when you have a large staff of users to train. Inquire for pricing for “on site” training. A fair budget price is around $4,000, including travel expenses.

Links to other software packages
In addition to our included links to Excel and various database formats, we have specialized export routines for available various software systems. Out of the box, Alliance Millsoft can export and copy/paste data to Microsoft Excel and other applications that support copy and paste. Specialized modules are available for Visual Manufacturing, and the J-Mos Shop Floor Tracking System.

Continuing support and updates
Past the first year, our continuing support fee is the same for your entire company, no matter how many user licenses you have. If you miss a year of support it must to paid for in order to get back on the support and updates program. The current rate for yearly support is 10% of your purchase price per company, not per user.

Leasing and Alliance Millsoft financing is available
Leasing is available thru various sources, and at competitive rates. Our system can easily be added to any other leases that your company might be considering for machinery, etc, as well. Call for a quotation from our leasing partners. Alliance Millsoft can also “self finance” a purchase over a short period of time, between 4 and 6 months.

Equipment recommendations
Alliance Millsoft can be installed on any current Windows operating system. We support Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 & 10 (32 and 64 bit). If you’ve purchased your computers recently your hardware configuration is quite ample for the needs of your system. The system can installed on a network server or on stand alone computers such as laptops. No special converters are needed for laptop or remote computers.

Program security
The Alliance Millsoft Millwork and Cabinet Estimating Program uses USB security keys. No key is required on a network server, only on the computers that are running the system at the time. One big benefit to the hardware keys is that you can install the system on multiple computers per user license and insert the key into whatever computer you’re working on at the time, thus a single user license includes a single security key but allows you to install the software on up to 3 computers. The USB key makes it easy to move from computer to computer as you use the system from a home PC, a notebook, and work.