Where to start?

tips for tailoring The Assistant Estimating System for your company's use
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Where to start?

Post by Guest » Mon Nov 15, 2004 4:40 pm

Ok, the system is installed and I've been looking over the tutorials and doing some test estimates. What's the best way to start changing things?

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adjust labor rates first

Post by John Whitling » Mon Nov 15, 2004 4:46 pm

Now that you've taken off a sample job, (it's usually best to take off a job that you have already done or have on the books to do) the first thing to change labor costs and sell prices on the labor rates tab in that estimate. I recommend that you view the tutorials for this but here's some more info for you ..

You will want to change the labor costs (regular time overtime, and doubletime). Most companies enter a "loaded" cost, meaning the cost includes benefit costs such as vacation time, unemployment, health insurance, etc. Next is to enter hourly overhead costs. There are six lines to to enter various overheads for different departments, such as an energy overhead for departments that use a lot of energy costs.

You can also rename the departments .Keep in mind that you cannot change the groupings (office,mfg, finish, or install). Also keep in mind that you want to reflect your normal production sequence as you are laying out your classifications. The re-named labor classes will be displayed with their new names in the labor factors and elsewhere, where ever the labor classes are displayed. Also keep in mind that renaming labor classifications will affect the labor factor results so if you are renaming the labor classes be prepared to spend more time adjusting labor factors.

Of course you will also want to adjust the profits as well. Notice that profits can vary in accordance with regular time, overtime, and doubletime. Evaluate the labor sell prices on lines 22 thru 24 and adjust as required.

Overheads and profits can be entered as dollar amounts or percentages. That setting is controlled on lines 16, and line 21. Enter "$" for dollar entries or a "%" for percentages.

Now proceed to the next step, adjusting material markups.
Thanks for participating!

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