How to add a scheduling phrase to the bid letter?

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How to add a scheduling phrase to the bid letter?

Post by John Whitling » Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:50 pm

Many times these days production schedules slide and when they do it always seems the contractors want to make up time by forcing their millwork to be performed in a week of two. Of course this is quite unreasonable so here's a sample phrase that you can include in a line of your bid letter to help lay out how much production time you really need ..

+"We need approximately "&@STRING(@ROUNDUP(@SUM($project timeline:$F$4..$project timeline:$AA$4)/200,0),0)&" weeks for production after approvals, field dimensions and color selections. Please advise as to whether we should figure any overtime charges should you not be able to provide us with the production period we need to perform the project using our regular scheduling methods."

It's a formula with text before a formula that calculates the number of weeks needed for production. In this example we used 200 hours as the number of hours for this project in a given work week. Of course you will want to edit the 200 to whatever number of hours in a week you want to use. We also rounded up the number of weeks to allow for half weeks of production. The string function changes the result of the formulas into text so it can be displayed as part of a sentence. Make sure to include the full formula including the plus sign and quote marks.

You can get more detailed than this example, but this should get you started. Post any related question here.

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