Is it possible to add these features?

Do you have ideas to make The Assistant better? Share them with us and we'll try to address them in the next update!
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Hank H
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Is it possible to add these features?

Post by Hank H » Fri May 15, 2009 9:08 am

1. Stop the FT lengths in the description column and in the "Layout schematic" from changing back in IN lengths after a custom auto entry item edit.
2. Stop rounding fractions in the "takeoff" description column - if I use a 1 3/4" passage door as a custom auto entry the program rounds this to 2". I have to go and edit all the doors back to 1 3/4" so the customer does not get confused.
3. Is it possible to add a field for the material price in the custom library item dialog box?
4. When I edit a custom item, the dialog box brings up the "Layout schematic" from either the first item in the library list or the last item that was edited. This means that the "Layout schematic" field descriptions and the "Optional variables" field descriptions are not correct for the item being edited. Can this be fixed?
5. When selecting "Run New Scope", either in the "project scope" tab or the "bid letter" tab, is there a way to add a second question "Are you sure?". I have accidentally hit this button a couple of times when trying to click on a nearby button and it is a bummer to unintentionally lose all the custom editing of the descriptions that has been done.
6. Also, when selecting "Run New Scope" could there be an option to select just a portion of a revised takeoff instead of having every item replaced? Again this affects the custom descriptions of items that do not need to be updated. I am using copy and paste from the "J" tab for now but was wonder if another option might be possible.
7. Increase the width of the parts list column in the "3D Custom Library" dialog box. This column is the the same width of the "Edit material code" field UNTIL the scroll bar appears then it covers a portion of the material code. It would be nice to have the full width of the original field to view your codes.
8. Have the "3D Custom Library" dialog box "remember" to open up in the last location/position that it was placed instead of in the center of the screen. I use two screens and it would be nice to have the dialog box open on the second screen and not right on top of the takeoff list. If I move the box to the second screen I still cannot see what is below as it leaves a blanked out white area at its former location.

Just some thoughts...

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John Whitling
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Re: Is it possible to add these features?

Post by John Whitling » Fri May 13, 2011 10:59 am

That's a lot of little issues and we'll try to address some of them.
1. was taken care of in the 220 release.
2. was taken care of in the 220 release.
3. no can do on this one yet.
4. was taken care of in the 218 release.
5. adding another nag screen would not be well tolerated by most users so we'll be leaving that as is.
6. was taken care of in the 220 release via the creation of "custom scopes" which can be managed as a separate scope method.
7. we are fighting for screen space on this due to supporting 1024x768 screen resolutions with large fonts. I think we did make it as big as possible in the 220 release, along with a revised custom library form to visually simplify it.
8. Sadly we cannot tune that behavior at this point. The box will load in the center of your monitor where the parent window is located.

Your firm has fallen off of support for the moment. If we can rectify that we can get you up to speed with the 220 release.
Thanks for participating!

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